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Concerned about Bielat

I watched Barney Frank’s and Sean Bielat’s debate the other night and was sorely disappointed. Frank seems to be his regular cheeky self, but Bielat was dodging the hard questions left, right and center. How is it that he feels qualified to run for congress but could not answer simple questions about Question #2? He does not seem to know…

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Bielat not all that

Sean Bielat is a fresh face to Massachusetts politics and brings solid ideas to the table. His stances on Iraq and Afghanistan, and his libertarian approach to drug policy, are a welcome addition to the typical Republican political mileu that has failed to attract new votes and moderates to the right.   Unfortunately, as a reposible voter, I cannot overlook certain…

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Congressman Frank still seeking re-election

In a short conversation with Barney Frank spokeswoman Elizabeth Esfahani she has told me that, “there is no truth to the rumor that Congressman Frank is not seeking reelection. We don’t know where that came from.” There you have it.  We’ve still got Barney Frank to kick around.  One has to wonder though, “on what planet do… [these rumor-mongers] ……

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