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OCPF: Your Campaign Can Accept Bitcoins

The Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance, last week, offered guidance on the ability to accept contributions in Bitcoins. Via an advisory opinion(PDF), OCPF told the Massachusetts Pirate Party PAC that Bitcoins are an acceptable method of donation to a political committee and answered some questions. This is a sure sign that cryptocurrency is becoming a more…

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Is Steve May Using His Campaign Account for Personal Use?

Section 6. A political committee organized or operating on behalf of a candidate for the office of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state secretary, treasurer and receiver general, or auditor may receive, pay and expend money or other things of value for reasonable and necessary expenses directly related to the campaign of such candidate but shall not make any expenditure…

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Corporate independent expenditures now legal in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance has revised its rules due to the Citizens United case.  According to the OCPF website a ban on corporate independent expenditures won’t stand up to judicial scrutiny thus the ban has been lifted. On Jan. 21, the US Supreme Court issued Citizens United v. FEC. Although this case has received widespread publicity,…

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