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Preparing for the onslaught in 2016; Is the MAGOP ready?

Or is the better question, is there anything the MAGOP can do to preserve the 2014 additions to the state legislature when the low information voters flock to the 2016 Presidential election? Will Hillary stir as much enthusiasm among the suburban white liberal-urban minority coalition? The homework should begin immediately. Right now I’m not seeing any ideas coming from either…

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How should MA Republicans argue with MA Democrats Online?

As the issue comes up sometimes, I wanted to answer following question: “How should Massachusetts Republicans argue with Massachusetts Democrats online?” It’s a hard question, but an important one for me and my fellow Republicans. Any amount of time spent on the Twitter hashtag #mapoli will show you just how much effort can be wasted on political dialogue with nothing …

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Look at the Numbers: Deval’s Healthcare Pitch Sign of Failing Campaign

By Jack Gately of jackgately.com Healthcare policy and Governor Patrick’s poor poll numbers converged last week when Patrick released a seemingly full court offensive on the health care issue which included: 1) testimony in favor of price controls, directing his Insurance Commissioner to reject as “excessive premium increases” 2) an effort to pitch himself as the champion of small business…

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