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Rasmussen corrects favorable-unfavorable data

In yesterday’s Rasmussen reports poll the favorable-unfavorable data for Tim Cahill and Charlie Baker was transposed.  Much was made by team Cahill and team Patrick that the negative ads have backfired on Charlie. Well that’s just not the case.  Vincent Errichetti was right, they didn’t make sense because they weren’t correct. The updated numbers can be found here. It…

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RGA ups pressure on Tim Cahill and goes after Deval Patrick for the first time

With the nation’s governors assembled in Boston today, the Republican Governor’s Association stepped up its attacks of the two Democrats in the race for Governor. They have released a third ad attacking Cahill for the Commonwealth’s budget woes, cronyism and more of the same.  Here is the ad. RGA Ad – Tim Cahill: “Patronage” from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo

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Look at the Numbers: Deval’s Healthcare Pitch Sign of Failing Campaign

By Jack Gately of jackgately.com Healthcare policy and Governor Patrick’s poor poll numbers converged last week when Patrick released a seemingly full court offensive on the health care issue which included: 1) testimony in favor of price controls, directing his Insurance Commissioner to reject as “excessive premium increases” 2) an effort to pitch himself as the champion of small business…

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