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How Conservative Was Jack Kemp?

In light of the coarse and unrefined assault on Rep. Paul Ryan by ankle biters like Howie Carr and Ann Coulter, we can find some solace in an honest assessment of former Rep. Jack Kemp, the happy warrior and mentor to Speaker Ryan. The public square is a bit empty since the passing of Kemp whose ideas transcended race, class,…

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Paul Ryan’s honeymoon: How long will it last?

According to Gallup, Paul Ryan is enjoying a honeymoon like most new speakers assuming the gavel. How long can the reluctant policy-wonk-turned-House speaker sustain this kind of favorable rating?  What the public knows that Ann Coulter doesn’t. PRINCETON, N.J. — Speaker of the House Paul Ryan begins his term with generally positive ratings from Americans — 42% have a…

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What the National Democrats Forgot About Massachusetts Republicans

Professor William Jacobsen of Legal Insurrection and Rob Eno of Red Mass Group have done an amazing job exposing Elizabeth Warren’s warpath of fraud, deception, and corruption. Between the Native American Heritage Fable, Pow Wow Chow Plagiarism, and now Elizabeth Warren’s Practicing Law Without a License, they have been able to break through the media noise and uncover things that…

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Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney is picking Paul Ryan at 9 am as his Vice Presidential pick.  This is a bold move and is the right move.  Ryan is a serious policy man, who knows what needs to be done to save this country from itself. His budget it the bitter pill that we need to swallow to move forward as a nation.…

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Conservative Darling Paul Ryan Lining His Own Pockets

A Daily Beast investigation discovers: Ryan’s Shrewd Budget Payday

Exclusive: The congressman stands to make money from his stakes in four businesses that lease land to energy companies which would benefit from $45 billion in tax breaks and subsidies in his proposed budget. Daniel Stone reports. When House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan unveiled the GOP blueprint for cutting…

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