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Re-arranging Deck Chairs

The recent post by Doug Bennett reminded me of what a lawyer friend who left the Lowell Republican City Committee once asked me.  “Why do you even care? those meetings are just people arguing about how to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.” That is the unfortunate byproduct of making intraparty struggles public.  You open yourselves up to even stronger…

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Renee Sherwood looks to oust Cynthia Stead as Top Cape GOP Woman.

Breaking News:  Hyannis-  The Cape Cod Times announced at 11:17 yesterday morning that due to the election between Cynthia Stead and Sherwood, Stead will be stripped of her Bi-Weekly Column until after the February 5th, 2008 Showdown.  According to a phone message from Bill Mills, member of the Cape Cod Times Editorial Board, to ensure fairness and objectivity, Stead will…

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