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What does Rick Santorum have in common with Newt Gingrich?

Question: what do Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have in common? Aside from their alternating status as the un-Mitt du jour I mean. Answer: Both served multiple terms in Congress, and neither left of his own volition.  Newt was drummed out by his own caucus. Senator Santorum was tossed out by his constituents after two full terms, by a whopping margin (18…

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Rick joins marriage debate!

Well this is welcome news! I was browsing around on Santorum’s website to see how he’s positioning himself entering Florida. Guess what is currently at the top of his Issues page? That’s right, at the same time as the race enters Florida, Rick Santorum has entered the marriage debate. He apparently paid the $3.58 a month (“the equivalent of…

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“If you favor an intrusive Republican government, (Santorum’s) unquestionably your candidate.”

Rick Santorum, who lost to Bob Casey in the Democratic rout of 2006 by almost 20 points, is no small government conservative/libertarian. When all is said and done he’s a national greatness type. His federalist credentials are suspect; He voted for No Child Left suggesting that the feds should set national curriculum. He was there when the GOP went on…

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