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Is the GOP being hypocritical by singling out Ex-Im Bank and ignoring the tax code?

I disagree with Steve Pearlstein but behind the cute logic and sophistry, he makes some good points. Why stop the holy crusade against the Export-Import Bank there? Certainly there’s more to cut. Problem is that liberal Democrats like to see the handiwork of government doing something. Populist Liz Warren voted to authorize the bank which makes loans to help large…

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Time for a new Market Basket protest….

Will this walkout ever end?  Hopefully not!  I would like to see the whole thing go down in a fiery crash into bankruptcy.  Now that would make my day…! Rumors abound that Arthur T Demoulas is closing in on a deal to buy the controlling position of Market Basket (MB).  A move that would, in effect, place him back in…

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The True Meaning of Christmas

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Last night, for those of you who missed it, my friend Todd Feinburg was kind enough to invite me to participate in his special, Christmas Eve edition of Nigthside (sitting in for Dan Rea) on WBZ radio. The topics du jour were Christmas (as befit the occasion) and capitalism (as befit the…

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