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David Bernstein is Absolutely Correct

Today on BostonMagazine.com, David Bernstein writes that the Commonwealth’s annual donation limits are a hindrance to those running in special elections.  He is absolutely correct. Most of the candidates running to succeed Walsh opened their campaign committees at that point in early January. As a result, their supporters can give only $500, the maximum contribution allowed per calendar year.…

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A Special Thanks to David Bernstein for the Increased Traffic

Earlier this evening, I posted an article outing the SEIU as the driving force behind MassUniting.  Knowing, of course, that this would get the progressives in Massachusetts in a tizzy.  Well, it didn’t take long.  Almost as if on cue, David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix wrote a self-described “mocking” blog-post about the discovery. But A) they aren’t being secretive…

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