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“United for a Fair Economy” charges “Discrimination” in lending.

Excellent article in today’s Boston Herald revealing a report by Boston based “United for a Fair Economy”, which charges discrimination in the sub-prime lending trade. Read the story here: http://www.bostonherald.com/bu… The ugly details of the report suggest that blacks will lose between $71.5 billion and $121.5 billion on high cost mortgages, and Hispanics another $75.8 billion to $128.9 billion as…

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The Greed of Deval’s Pals knows no boundaries; or Merry Christmas with love, Ameriquest and Friends

The greed of Deval Patrick’s pals in the subprime mortgage industry knows no boundaries.  As an offshoot of the predatory lending practices that Deval Patrick was a part of during the early 2000s many multi-family housing units in Boston have been foreclosed upon.  The victims in these foreclosures are not only the families that Deval Patrick and his cronies preyed…

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MassGOP to Patrick: Place Ameriquest Earnings in Trust fund for Subprime Victims

The new leadership at the MassGOP has wasted no time going on the attack. The Massachusetts Republican State Committee today called on Deval Patrick to put the $720,000 he earned from predatory sub-prime lender Ameriquest into a trust funds for the victims of that predatory lending.  This request is absolutely spot on.  Deval Patrick took the money of a sub-prime…

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