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One Year Later – Issues with Bathroom Law Unresolved

One year ago today, women and children in Massachusetts were forced to forfeit their rights to privacy in order to indulge the sexual “dysphoria” of others. The 2016 “Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Act” was sold to the public as necessary legislation to protect transgendered individuals from being kicked out of restaurants, hotels and hospitals. What the citizens of Massachusetts weren’t told…

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Bathroom Bill ads hit the airwaves

Today, MFI launched a series of radio ads on local stations to educate citizens about the dangers of the Bathroom Bill. As the announcer says, “Legislators are gambling with our safety by cutting backroom deals. The ‘Bathroom Bill’ will open up all public restrooms and school locker rooms to anyone of either sex.”

:60 Second Version

:30 Second Version


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What the Bathroom Bill Will Cost You

Liberal media types and leftist activists frequently paint a picture of division on the right between social and fiscal conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans, and Tea Partiers versus ‘mainstream’ activists. Half the time, we buy into it. But rarely do issues come along, which unite all of the Right’s factions in such a visible way as the Bathroom Bill (House Bill…

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Bathroom Bill gets another hearing on Beacon Hill

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) I will be at the statehouse today waiting my turn to testify, again, in opposition to the Bathroom Bill. I am not confident I will get a turn because, as usual, multiple bills will be discussed today and the Judiciary Committee does not want a lot of noise made over this bill.…

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Another attack upon democracy in our republic that is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A great many good people – regardless of political affiliation – exercised their rights to lobby their legislators through the democratic process in our republic that is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the past several years and successfully defeated the so-called “Bathroom Bill”. Thanks to His Excellency, democracy has – once again – been subverted while our social bonds fray…

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