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Gov. Baker Blinks on MassHealth

While the summer recess for the legislature is just beginning, so is the debate regarding MassHealth (Medicaid). The Governor has accepted the legislature’s revenue-without-reform proposal regarding MassHealth for the time being, declining to veto their tax hike on employers in order to encourage them to also enact reforms. For more background and a recommendation for a better course of action,…

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To Crown a Kingston

The first thing I read about our new Senate candidate was simply that we had one and that he had the blessing of Charlie Baker. His name was not given. For many Republicans in this state perhaps that is enough to support the man. News soon followed that gave a name to he who would be our candidate: John Kingston

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Charlie Baker Campaign Kick-Off at Faneuil Hall

(Breaking News?  Charlie Baker to run for Governor. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) For those of you who couldn’t make it to Boston’s Faneuil Hall to participate in Charlie Baker’s campaign kick-off, here you go.   I had to unfortunately work Saturday morning & early afternoon so I couldn’t attend alongside the other 800+ supporters.  At least I can…

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