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BHI Dispatch: Weighing in on Wisconsin’s Act 10: Governor Walker’s reforms helped state

Wisconsin’s Act 10 saved tax dollars, preserved vital services and spurred state economy, new study shows BOSTON – Act 10, which institutes reforms in the state’s public sector collective bargaining law, has resulted in savings of between $773 million and almost $1.195 billion to both state and local government. The savings have spared the Wisconsin economy economic losses it would…

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Is CA Brewing Another Taxpayer Revolt

( – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) The state that introduced the country to the idea of capping property taxes,appears ready to take on public sector unions. Here’s hoping that what’s happening in CA does as much for income and sales taxes as Prop 13 did for homeowners. Some backround. First we have the city of Bell, CA, that even…

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Hedlund outlines pension reform plan

( – promoted by garrett3000)     Massachusetts State Senate Minority Whip Sen. Robert Hedlund will detail his plan to reform the state’s pension system at a meeting of the Quincy Republican City Committee on Tuesday night.   Sen. Hedlund has proposed a bill that would close loopholes and tighten regulations exploited by the likes of former UMass president Billy…

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If I were Governor for One Day

One of my favorite books is JFK’s Profiles in Courage. Profiles in Courage it is a book about individual acts of political courage. All of the individuals in the book made difficult decisions during difficult times often knowing that their political futures were being compromised. That being said, if I were Governor for a day (God help us!) I would…

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Teachers Union Decides Education Policy

Officials may postpone charter school openings

MCAS history test also targeted amid fiscal woes

By James Vaznis

Globe Staff / January 11, 2009 Worried about massive budget cutting in many local districts, state education leaders are considering delaying two potentially costly endeavors: making the 10th-grade MCAS history exam a graduation requirement and opening new charter schools. Both those key elements…

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