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Maybe Danielle Gregoire Just Doesn’t Understand How the Legislature Works

You know, I’m actually starting to feel bad for State Representative Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough).  Perhaps she just doesn’t understand how the legislature works.  Because yesterday, after showing the political world how  Representative Gregoire voted on Matt Beaton’s (R-Shrewsbury) amendment to take the tech tax out of the transportation bill, she took to Twitter, after a seven month hiatus, to…

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Live in Marlborough, Westborough or Northborough? If So Danielle Gregoire Thinks You Are Stupid?

If you live in Marlborough, Westborough, or Northborough and are in the boundaries of the 4th Middlesex District, you should probably know that your State Representative, Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) thinks you are stupid.  There really is no other explanation one can arrive at when reading her latest convoluted explanation of her votes to raise taxes.  Gregoire writes, in Marlborough’s Main

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Five Things: Dan Wolf ACORN Organizer that Shut Down a McDonalds, Gregoire Lies to Chamber & more.

Dan Wolf’s ACORN Organizing Past The Daily Caller obtained video showing, State Senator Dan Wolr – who is set to resign on August 29 – talking to a crowd at the Tatnuck Bookstore on Tuesday August 20, 2013.  He regales the gathering with stories of his ACORN organizing past.  Including how he shut down a private small business – a…

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