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Stephen Lynch A Conservative Democrat? NO SUCH THING!

Have you been fooled into thinking Congressman Stephen Lynch is a conservative Democrat? Nothing could be further from the truth. He is as left-wing as they come in Massachusetts. But don’t take my word for it!  Look at these ratings: • 100% rating from NARAL

• 12% rating from National Taxpayer Union

• Lifetime rating of 7% from Citizens Against…

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International Socialist Magazine Names Elizabeth Warren as a Top 20 US Progressive

The United Kingdom based, self described socialist, magazine The New Statesman has named Elizabeth Warren on of the United States top 20 progressives.   Many female politicians overplay or underplay their feminity in order to get on in a male-dominated world. Refreshingly, Elizabeth Warren does neither. Instead, she looks and sounds like exactly what she is – a 62-year-old grandmother…

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McCain speech draws 500K more viewers than Obama

( – promoted by Cool Cal) The Neilsen ratings are out, and low and behold, McCain had more viewers for his acceptance speech than Obama a week earlier. John McCain has won the ratings race. The Republican nominee beat Democratic challenger Barack Obama’s record-setting convention speech viewership by 500,000. McCain’s address at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night was…

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