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MA-09 Congressional Preview w/ poll

(If you area an unenrolled or conservative Democratic voter who is already going to pull a Demcorat ballot, please do the nation a favor and vote for Stephen Lynch over Mac D’Allessandro.  D’Allesandro is the most dangerous man running for Congress this year.  He is beholden to the SEIU and all they represent.  The nation would be worse off if…

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Our Tax Dollars Paying to Aid and Abet Criminals

Here is a Commentary by Keith Lepor: Our Tax Dollars Paying to Aid and Abet Criminals Is it not against the law to aid and abet criminals in the commission of a crime? Well, not if you are the U.S. Federal Government.   Here in the U.S., your hard earned tax dollars are being shelled out to pay for a…

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Keith Lepor gets Boston Globe Endorsement

The Boston Globe today gave their endorsement for Republican candidate in the 9th congressional district to Keith Lepor as follows: “Of the two political newcomers vying for the Republican nomination in the 9th district, Keith Lepor, a photojournalist who has spent time in Afghanistan rates the edge over attorney (sic) Vernon Harrison”. Keith Lepor has a background as an international…

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