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John Kerry Draws Epic Crowd In Worcester

RMG lurker David Toppin emails in his field report from Senator John Kerry’s rally for Martha Coakley yesterday in Worcester.

They had John Kerry, their sitting US Senator, Jim McGovern their sitting US Congressman (and a supporter of terrorists), Tim Murray, our sitting Lt Governor and former mayor of Worcester, and the current mayor of Worcester, Joe O’Brien.  They still…

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The new ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee features images from the World Trade Center. No, not the Boston World Trade Center. The World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan that was destroyed on 9/11. Ben Smith, of Politico, grabs the story and gets the following comments from press people. A National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman, Brian Walsh, attacked…

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Coakley: “You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room”

Last evening, while on Broadside with Jim Braude, I told Jim that Scott Brown was trying to prevent Nuns like the Sisters of Charity that taught me from performing medical procedures contrary to their religious beliefs.  Today Martha Coakley told WBSM Radio Host Ken Pittman that those nuns should not work in an Emergency Room.  The audio can be

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