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Gomez and the Hispanic Vote

Lawrence (73.8% Hispanic, according to the 2010 census) gave Gomez 27%.

Lowell (17.27% Hispanic, according to the 2010 census) gave Gomez 42%. Lawrence gave Scott Brown 34% in 2010.

Lowell gave Scott Brown 52% in 2010. In Lawrence, Scott Brown’s percentage was 26% higher than Gomez’.

In Lowell, Scott Brown’s percentage was 24% higher than Gomez’. Conclusion:  Gomez didn’t help…

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My reply to Rep. Niki Tsongas via email

Dear Representative Tsongas: Thank you for replying to my request asking you not to support the Health Care Government Takeover (Reform).  Your email back to me was quite lengthy, and covered ever talking point that the both the House and Senate Leaders have been stating over and over.  My response to you will not be as long, but should not…

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Lowell Sun Doubles Down for Scott Brown

Today the Lowell Sun wrote another editorial in favor of the next Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Scott Brown! On Tuesday, Jan 12 the Lowell Sun endorsed Scott Brown for US Senate.  The initial editorial was very pro-Brown.  Today’s editorial took specific aim at Marcia Martha Coakley and the Democratic establishmnet party in Washington.
The architects of this despicable…

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Update: Niki Tsongas To Hold In District Health Care Town Halls

The Lowell Sun is reporting that Niki Tsongas will be holding in person town halls sometime in August on the issue of Health Care reform. TSONGAS HAS been holding a series of tele-Town Meetings as she pushes for a health-care reform bill. But like President Barack Obama’s falling poll numbers, Tsongas’ constituents appear a bit leery of supporting the once-promising…

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Your Daily Good News

Urrrrrrbody hates Jay Severin including those dirty Mexicans Is Jay Severin ever going to broadcast on WTKK again? Not likely. Severin, who clearly does not like Mexican food or Mexican women, is losing sponsors faster than Michael Phelps. We’re not talking weak local sponsors like Juan’s Taco Stand, either. At least we’ll never have to hear that NINETY-SIX-NINE shit again.…

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