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MassGOP: Patrick Playing Politics, This Time with Health Care

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Emails Reveal Truth; MassGOP Calls for Full Disclosure
  BOSTON – The Patrick-Murray Administration is playing politics with health insurance rates, making decisions that “would most likely cause 'a train wreck,'” according to internal emails reported by the Associated Press. In light of the startling admission by a senior health care official,…

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MoveOn.Org Jumps In Mass Senate Race

MoveOn.Org is sending emails out to their members urging them to save “progressive hero Ted Kennedy’s senate seat” by donating to Martha Coakley. The email appears coordinated with the Kennedy family giving their blessing to Coakley. Full email is after the jump Dear MoveOn member, In 11 days, we could lose progressive hero Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat-and with it, any…

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