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Thanks Callie Crossley, for standing up for democracy!

While the Beat the Press media punditry traded barbs and elevated their own insights about who does and doesn’t deserve to be included in the gubernatorial debates that help determine who will be our next governor, there was only one clear voice among them who spoke up unequivocally for the voters’ right to decide, and that was Callie Crossley. Margery…

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And then there was one.

As the dust settled on the first televised debate for this year’s gubernatorial contest in Massachusetts, one clear truth emerged. There was one candidate, and only one, who could legitimately be called “the people’s candidate.” While Scott Brown positioned himself as the people’s candidate in his January special election victory, a late surge of campaign cash and get-out-the-vote efforts from…

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Boston Globe: Patrick 38%, Baker 31%, Cahill 9%, Stein 2%

http://www.boston.com/news/loc… I have included an apples-to-apples table comparing this poll to the previous ones conducted by The Boston Globe.  Since January, Charlie Baker is up 12%, Deval Patrick is up 8% and Tim Cahill is down 14%.  Jill Stein, currently at 2%, was not included in the January poll. Boston Globe/UNH
Date Deval Patrick Charlie Baker Tim Cahill 6/23/10 38%…

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Rasmussen Poll released at 8 AM tomorrow

Joe Battenfeld reported on twitter earlier this evening that the Fox25 Rasmussen Reports poll for the Massachusetts Governor’s race will be out tomorrow morning at 8 AM. What are your predictions. (Mine After the jump). I’m predicting the following: Deval Patrick 34%

Charlie Baker 30%

Tim Cahill 20%

Others/undecided 16%…

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Jill Stein Poll Exclusion?

In the most recent wave of polling, and media coverage in general, we have seen the curious exclusion of Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein.  I’ve done it too.  This is nothing new.  Covering candidates who “can’t win” can be boring for reporters and including them in polls cost more money. The impact of Tim Cahill on the race is difficult to…

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Suffolk News Poll: 29% Say Deval Patrick Deserves Re-Election

Boston Herald
“This race is really between Charlie Baker and Tim Cahill,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, which conducted the poll. “Whoever emerges between the Baker-Cahill race is likely to be the winner.” Suffolk University General Election

Deval Patrick:  33%

Charlie Baker: 25%

Tim Cahill:  23%

Jill Stein: 3% Primary Election (GOP):

Charlie Baker:…

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