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Red Mass Group Scott Brown Party in DC

(Video finally uploaded. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) UPDATE: The internet connection at this hotel is slower than molasses.  I thought it was uploaded but hasn’t finished. I’ll fix later today when I find a faster connection. Here is a video from the Scott Brown party last evening in DC.  Scott was gracious enough to come.  It’s taking…

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Please help me understand

(Is the Scott Brown Coalition already dead? Interesting questions and concerns over the unhappy activist base and their relationship with the Baker/Tisei ticket. Where will they go? Do social cons really have anywhere to go this gubernatorial election? What about libertarians? Should they just throw their token support behind the gubernatorial nominee or focus on legislative races? Oh, and what…

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DC Cop Brings Gun To Snowball Fight

So several people are out having fun in a massive blizzard throwing snowballs at each other. They’re at a deserted intersection and one of their snowballs hits a Hummer. If you were driving the Hummer how would you react? A. Ignore it because it’s a snowball

B. Roll down the window and yell something at those damn kids. Damn kids…

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