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Brown Undecided on Earmark Ban?

According to the group Taxpayers Against Earmarks, Sen. Brown is still listed as undecided on Sen. Demint’s proposed two year ban on earmarks. If Republicans decide to continue playing the same D.C. game of pork projects for votes they will lose any chance of regaining the trust of the American public. I urge you to call Sen. Brown before Tuesday’s…

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The Kentucky Case Study

Cross-posted at CorieWhalen.com The Republican primary for the race that will replace retiring Senator Jim Bunning is heating up in a major way. The tension between the moderate, if not liberal GOP Establishment and Outside-The-Beltway conservatives is on full display. This is an internal fight familiar to those of us who feel we have a stake in the fate of…

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The Code Red Rally in DC

I imagine that many of you heard about the Code Red Rally against the Senate health care bill that took place in DC this past Tuesday (whatever is actually IN it – we’re all unsure at this point). I drove down to DC with Congressional candidate Bill Hudak and some of our fantastic volunteers Monday night – and early Tuesday…

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