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Idea for liberals: Divest from Smith & Wesson of Springfield

With the imperious President speaking on his new work-around the U.S. Constitution on gun rights, there’s a local beneficiary of all those well-outworn cliches about gun violence: Springfield’s Smith & Wesson. The Massachusetts company saw its stock value increase by 525% in the past five years — which coincide totally with the Obama’s reign of misrule. The one-we’ve-been-waiting-for is…

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pro 2nd amendment rally @ noon this Saturday at the state house.

Law abiding gun owners in Massachusetts already have to jump through hoops to legally own a gun. Governor Patrick just announced a new gun control bill that would further punish legal gun owners, while doing little to stop criminals. Among other things, this bill would limit licensed gun owners to buying one gun per month, and would limit new ammunition…

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