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Feeling Good About Food

The real debate over the safety of genetically modified food almost never reaches mainstream media.  One has to look to Europe for scant coverage of such events.  One Million per life saved with this new bill.  Sound like ObamaCare?

http://www.naturalnews.com/030… Sometimes we think we know stuff for sure.  It’s been “tested”,”approved” and “rolled out” into the marketplace. And then later.…

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Bureaucrats Know Best

At the heart of progressive/liberal thought lies the belief that a big government is essential to guarantee true freedom. In the progressive’s bible, The Promise of American Life, Herbert Croly describes the ideal form of government as using “Hamiltonian means”(a powerful central government) to achieve “Jeffersonian ends”(individual liberty). Croly understood that such a centralized government required a modern equivalent of…

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Pregnant? Avoid H1N1 and flu vaccines.

According to Organic Health, pregnant women should avoid getting flu shots, including H1N1, even though the Obama administration, WHO, CDC, the FDA, “medical professionals” and the Secretary of Health and Human Services say that pregnant women should be the first to get the shots.  Horror stories are coming out.  Those who advocate government sponsored vaccinations of any kind will always deny…

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