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Earth Hour Max Power-Updated

Don’t forget earth hour tonight.  

When turning on stuff don’t forget the big watt sucking items like the microwave oven, blow dryers,electric stoves and clothes dryers. Think of it like voting, voting against being lied to, voting against a permanent underclass, voting against giving sociopathic Bernie Madoff parasites money to masterbate with.  On a global basis no less.  Voting…

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Max Power for Earth Hour!

March 27 at 8:30 PM local time.  Don’t put the electrical space heaters away just yet!  Make a statement on earth hour by maxing out your energy use.  May I also suggest burning plastic, well maybe just say you are going to burn plastic cause that does make a nasty toxic mess. Now I will also point out there is…

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Hey Progressives on “Global Warming” we need to talk

Over the past month we have seen the left in Massachusetts try to brand two statewide candidates as “Global Warming Deniers”.  The first attacks came right from the mouth of Martha Coakley who, whenever anybody would listen, said that Scott Brown didn’t believe in man-caused “global warming”. She repeated the mantra often. Now we have the Democratic machine through twitter…

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They Call This Science?

The global warming alarmists have been caught lying again, unfortunately, if one wants to find out about “glaciergate” it is necessary to go to British papers. The American press is treating this story just like “climategate”, as far as they are concerned there is nothing to see here. Unlike with climategate, the IPCC is implicated directly in this fraud. They…

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