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Who’s interest will Guy Glodis look out for?

Guy Glodis’ campaign commercials say that he will look out for us as Auditor.  Based on his supporters however one has to wonder, who’s interest will Guy really look out for?  Today on Facebook, Glodis talks about his support at a rally in Quincy.  In the Facebook status update, shown below, he rattles off all his union support. If you…

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Constitutional Office Weekly Money Watch Week 7

“Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money even to be defeated. – Will Rogers” Week Seven numbers below.  Can you believe there are only 45 weeks left until the 2010 Elections? Gubernatorial Race Charlie Baker (R): $181,303 in four deposits. Timothy Cahill (U): $0.00 in no deposits. Tim Cahill’s bank is lackluster in reporting these…

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