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Our New Auditor “Fighting” Waste Already

In a show of what a great Auditor Suzanne Bump will be for Massachusetts, she is still running Facebook ads.  Wouldn’t it have been smart to have put a “hard” stop to these ads at 8PM last night? If this is the way she wastes her own money, just imagine how she’ll allow waste of ours. Great job Massachusetts!!…

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Mary Z. brings the debate to her opponent

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Friends, I wanted to share with you the full mini-debate that I had with my opponent, Suzanne Bump, with Jon Keller on WBZ. I think you will agree that there is a great difference between us, and what we would bring to the state auditor’s office. I invite you to join me…

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Who Can Win? Poll w/ open thread.

In the wake of Tuesday’s primary, the buzz among activists has turned to a simple question:  Who can win?  More precisely, in what order do you think our statewide candidates have the best chance to win? Here are my arguments: Baker/Tisei:  They have raised the most money by far.  Massachusetts voters have shown the greatest willingness to give us the…

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State Auditor Open Thread w/ Poll

(This is probably the only interesting statewide GOP primary. Mary Z. is clearly the front runner but Kamal Jain is a legit candidate and will make a run for it. Both great candidates.   – promoted by Garrett Quinn) Mary Z. Connaughton

Nobody doesn’t like Mary Z.  Front runner Mary Z. Connaughton is exactly what Republicans look for in a…

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