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RADIO AD: Jeff’s First Vote

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) RMG Friends, As fellow Conservatives, I thought you in particular would enjoy my latest radio ad running on stations in the 10th Congressional District. This ad, titled “Jeff’s First Vote,” explains exactly what my first vote will be and how I will vote:

I want to thank those readers who have already helped…

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WEB VIDEO: Do you have San Francisco values?

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Nancy Pelosi is the face of all that is wrong with Washington right now. She is an ultra-liberal from San Francisco with an agenda far from the beliefs and values of the majority of Americans, including those here in Massachusetts’ Second District. Richard Neal is our Congressman, but he might as well…

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Hudak’s Repeal the Bill Tour Resonating: Tierney Responds by Exploiting Taxpayer Dollars


Contact: Aaron Gulbransen, (978) 739-2300

aaron@billhudakforcongress.com June 17th – (Danvers, MA) Bill Hudak’s “Repeal the Bill Tour” has been wildly successful, with many citizens throughout the district attending and signing the Hudak Campaign’s petition to repeal the healthcare bill. “It is clear the citizens of the district want this bill repealed and I’m going to do everything…

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Stephen Lynch Squanders Taxpayer Dollars Through Exorbitant Rent

The following is a statement from Keith Lepor: Most political observers today are a fairly cynical lot and perhaps will not be surprised to read what taxpayers are paying these days to keep some of their elected representatives in style and ‘accessible’. Stephen Lynch has garnered recent national attention thanks to the massive rent that he is paying to accommodate…

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Pres. Obama’s Governing Philosophy

Many have speculated that President Obama followed the Saul Alinsky playbook(Rules for Radicals) on his road to the presidency and is indeed still employing the same tactics to push his agenda through Congress against the will of the American people. Others are convinced that he is simply enacting the policies that George McGovern wanted so badly for this nation, but…

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The Movement To Fire Pelosi Hits Massachusetts!

Hey Red Mass Group. I know you’re all as fed up with Pelosi as I am – and I’m sure you’re not a fan of the liberal Congressmen from Massachusetts that keep enabling her. Well, my opponent, John Tierney was one of four votes that tipped the balance in favor of “PelosiCare”. Was it a surprise? No. After all, John…

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