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Christie’s Bridge(Gate) to Nowhere: What About Obama?

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono mentioned this scandal during one of her debates with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Arguing that because Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich refused to endorse the governor, she indicted Christie for  retaliating by tying up traffic at George Washington Bridge. Following his impressive reelection last year, Governor Christie was cruising into the national spotlight with…

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Five Things: Prof U Sets Herald Straight, Christie at RNC, Brown wants us to get along and more..

Professor Ubertaccio Sets Herald Straight on Mass GOP Heritage You may remember the Boston Herald being a little snarky earlier this week at the apparent dearth of Republicans in Massachusetts.  Well Professor Ubertaccio, one of the Mass Politics Profs, set them straight. That’s a missed opportunity for there is a rich GOP history here that Republicans across the country…

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Sen. Brown Goes To Bat For Government Unions

From the Wall St. Journal: The Senate is moving closer to passing legislation that would require states to grant public-safety employees, including police, firefighters and emergency medical workers, the right to collectively bargain over hours and wages. The bill, known as the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, would mainly affect about 20 states that don’t grant collective-bargaining rights statewide for…

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MassGOP: Final 72 Hours

I received this email in my inbox this morning from MassGOP Executive Director Nick Connors.  You can reply to this call-to-arms by emailing Nick at nick@massgop.com I know that today is Halloween but if you’ve got some local candidates our your way in need of help then PLEASE give them a few hours of your time between now & the…

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Prelude to Republican Fratricide

By David Frum

The Week – Thursday, October 22, 2009 GOP candidates in New York and New Jersey should be cruising to victory this November. But angry conservatives would rather hand power to Democrats than help moderate Republicans win. At the beginning of the summer, most observers expected Republicans to win all three of the big elections on Nov. 3.…

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1993 Elections = 2009 Elections

On November 9, 1994 the Republican Party gained 54 seats in the House of Representatives to gain control of congress for the first time in 40 years.  The GOP also gained 8 seats to control the United States Senate.  One year earlier The Republicans flipped the governorships in New Jersey (Whitman) and Virginia (Allen).  In 2005, The Democrats won both…

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