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Keystone and Warren’s Parochial View of the Environment

(Professor Warren just gave Senator Brown a large gift.  I would expect American Crossroads GpS ads to start soon. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) As Congress continues to debate critical tax and funding issues down to the very last minute, an event that has become all too common and, in my opinion, needs to stop, the issue of…

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Freddie Mac Woes and Newt

The SEC announced today that it had filed securities fraud charges against former Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives for misleading statements made during the run-up to the housing securities market collapse. http://sec.gov/news/press/2011… Richard Syron who had held several senior posts in Boston area enterprises was Freddie Mac’s CEO during this time period and was amongst those against whom charges…

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UPDATE !! Red Mass NOT Boring anymore!! Thanks Dan and Rob

tired of reading our new Chair’s unity speech(s) and newsletters from Pioneer..   Donald Trump appeared today on his regularly scheduled Monday morning Fox and Friends segment and fought back against critics who have vocally railed against plans for the self-proclaimed billionaire and reality show television host to moderate a GOP debate sponsored by Newsmax, a conservative media outlet. A…

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