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Rep. Rodrigues Shops In Tax Free New Hampshire

(Tisk Tisk Rep. Rodrigues. Poor starving union hacks need that tax money! SHAME!   Hey, I was in Rep Rodrigues district actually buying Booze.  Remember, I even took a video! – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Last night on 96.9 WTTK Michelle McPhee had a little fun with the five minute mystery, “Who owns Mass license plate House 29?”. It appears…

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NH Calls “Shenanigans”

Word is certainly getting out. (Although NH isn't unusual this year, apparently.) Herewith, the NH House State-Federal Relations Committee hearings on HCR6: "affirming States' rights based on Jeffersonian principles," 2/5/2009. Surprise, surprise: unanimous testimony. Even the Representative who believes that there aren't really any hard limits intended on the feds' power still supports HCR6! This is soooo cool. The Executive…

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