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Bob Hedlund needs to STFU about Scott Brown

I found this while patrolling youtube for the Brown Brigade.  Evidently, Bob Hedlund said some less than glowing things about Scott Brown on the radio yesterday.  Benedict Hedlund is really lucky he did this too late for it to hurt too bad, let’s pray there were no undecideds listening to the original broadcast:  …

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Jamison Tomasek for State Senate

(Edited to embed link. – promoted by DD4RP) Red Mass Group- Let me start out by saying how much I enjoy reading this site. I am a consumer of blogs for the new world of information- the immediacy, multi-dimensional nature, and the ability for reader response makes them much more real than other sources. This site also provides a venue…

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Greenfield swings to the right

On Tuesday, Greenfield voters elected a sometimes-Republican, pro-development conservative for Mayor and a known Republican and supporter of Question 1  to the School Committee: http://www.masslive.com/news/i… GREENFIELD – The city’s next mayor will be Town Councilor William F. Martin, voters decided on Tuesday. Martin tallied more than 2,000 votes, giving him a victory of more than 500 votes, over Alfred J.…

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