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Captain Hindsight – My Opinion of What Went Wrong

Many people believed or hoped that 2010 would be similar to 1990 in terms of a resurgence of the Republican Party in Massachusetts. That year, the MassGOP candidates won for Governor and Treasurer. The ranks of the Legislature swelled to 16 Senators and 38 Representatives. Obviously, the results were nowhere near 1990, and the reasons are many. It’s not just…

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Watch for Electoral Fraud this Tuesday!

You would think that in 2010, our basic constitutional right to vote and it's proper recording would be a non-issue. But based upon the September 14th election and serious election irregularities in regards to the Write-In Tally and Recording for Attorney General, I would strongly recommend that poll workers be present in the following cities and towns. Attached are 24…

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Show ID to Vote launches internet video to promote vote fraud awareness

Show ID to Vote is a citizens voting initiative whose goal is to increase vote fraud awareness by suggesting that voters voluntarily show a government issued picture ID when voting. If significant numbers of people actually adopt the voluntary measure, it will make spotting fraudulent voter easier for poll observers. The video can be found on youtube at:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Show…

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Stopa: How the Stimulus Hurt Private Investment

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) This article by Michael Stopa, candidate for Congress in MA-3, examines what the effect of the stimulus has been on private investment. In his analysis, this is not a double dip recession, but “a single deepening recession with the mirage of recovery in the middle from a spike of largely useless spending” article…

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