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Warren’s radical voucher plan

One of the most enduring paradoxes in the American ethos is the way that Americans simultaneously regard higher education with reverence while viewing intellectuals with suspicion. American anti-intellectualism is based in the notion that the universities in which our greatest thinkers thrive are singularly free from the practical tests of real-world viability that are needed in order for great thoughts…

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Why Romney is Winning the Women’s Vote

If women were convinced in large numbers, after the first debate, to switch their fragile allegiance from Obama to Romney, if Romney was able, in just those ninety minutes, to convey the “man behind the candidate,” then probably those women suspected already that there might be a special man hiding in there. Read more of my new column at The…

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Déjà vu 2010 Repeating Itself?

(You can stop a repeat, Knock on Doors and make calls. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) In 2010, the MASS GOP felt like it had momentum going into the statewide elections.  In places like Worcester and Plymouth Counties, where the GOP field volunteers were strong and had excellent “Get Out the Vote efforts” our candidates did great.  Statewide……

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