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Gabriel Gomez: Bankrolling Scott Brown Opponent

(How dare Gabriel Gomez try to use Scott Brown as a shield.  Everyone should remember that we fully supported Scott Brown.  He did not.  The Parade of lies from Gomez continues. BTW:  This isn’t the ACTUAL check.  This isn’t his ACTUAL account information.  Amount, date, and candidate organization are all real and verified by the FEC.  That’s the point. –…

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Democrat Gabriel Gomez sought out appointment from Deval Patrick

According to the Boston Globe’s Frank Phillips, Gabriel E. Gomez, the Cohasset businessman who is running as a Republican in the US Senate special election, lobbied Democratic Governor Deval Patrick to give him the temporary appointment to the seat after John F. Kerry resigned to become secretary of state. With this new information and the facts that Gomez endorsed and…

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So, Um, Nothing Here About Eric Fehrnstrom and “CrazyKhazei”?

Earlier in the week, Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno spewed out not one not two but three front-page posts breathlessly exclaiming that he unearthed diabolical secrets about an organization that was not remotely secretive.  “It was Wisconsin Democrats behind Bobblehead Brown!!!!”  “No, wait, it was the SEIU behind Bobblehead Brown!!!!”  David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix rightfully mocked Eno because you…

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