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A Broken Compass

An adolescent in the realm of kingdoms, the time has now come for our young nation to leave behind her childish ways. Although born out of the human struggle for life and liberty, our wayward child nation has turned her back on those principles on which she was born, raised and flourished. And like so many of our beloved children…

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Just call me Sancho Panchez

I just talked with Jim McKenna, what a great candidate!, definitely “not a politician”, exactly what people are looking for this year. I see why some of you were so enthusiastic about him. That Coakley windmill is coming down. Let’s win another one for the Amiraults!…

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Jim McKenna Secures Attorney General Slot on November Election

Jim McKenna Secures Attorney General Slot on November Ballot Millbury – The James McKenna for Attorney General campaign announced that Millbury attorney and former prosecutor Jim McKenna has surpassed the 10,000 write-in votes needed to qualify on the Republican ballot for Attorney General, according to reports from the Secretary of State's office. The wave of grassroots effort far exceeded the…

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