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Where is the poll?

Since the December 8th primary for United States Senate major national polling firms have done polls for United States senate races in ND, PA, MO, FL, NY, NV, IL, CO, OH and CT.  Yet nowhere have we seen a poll for the race here in MA just 3 short weeks away.  While I am delighted to see Republicans leading in…

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RMG Endorses Scott Brown for US Senate

(Don’t forget to vote tomorrow.  And if you won’t be in your town tomorrow. Go to city or town hall and vote today. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) The editors of RMG are proud to announce that we unanimously endorse Scott Brown for US Senate in this special election. It is not our custom at RMG to unanimously endorse anyone…

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Breaking: Jack E. Robinson Pulls Papers

Red Mass Group has learned that representatives of Duxbury resident Jack E. Robinson have pulled papers on his behalf.  A final decision on running has not yet been made.  Here is the text of the email: Just wanted to let you know that early this afternoon my representatives “quietly” pulled papers for the Senate race. This does not mean that…

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