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Deval Patrick’s RMV Hike

  Deval's RMV tax hike was met with massive opposition, both from the public and his own party. After a very embarrassing day Deval conceded and rescinded the hike. Deval’s reversal is an admittance of poor judgment, and is just another bad decision in a long line of bad decisions. His inability to exercise good judgment has quickly become the…

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BMG just can’t help attacking Baker, or there’s precedent of chain stores and RMV transactions

Proving that they’ll do anything to save public employee union jobs the folks over at Blue Mass Group are attacking Charlie Baker for thinking outside the box.   To review in an article in today’s Boston Globe Charlie Baker amongst other proposals suggested, “ask chains like CVS, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens to take over some of the transactions handled by the…

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New Ideas to Better Serve our Taxpayers

by Christy Mihos         Our Administration will constantly challenge the status quo by offering common sense ideas and proposals at all levels of State Government to deliver better service at lower cost to our overburdened TAXPAYERS. Here is one of those ideas that would deliver essential state services, at lower cost, saving our taxpayers time AND helping…

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