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MIHOS is finally seeing there is a senate race.

Former Independent candidate for governor Christy Mihos, now running as a Republican, has announced in an email to his rag-tag group of supporters that he’s bringing back his long dormant web cast to encourage support for Scott Brown.  Sure, there are TV ads on every second and the christy web page broadcast is what will make the difference.  Yeah, sure…

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Howie Carr helps set the record straight – refutes MIHOS propaganda

It was great to hear Howie Carr and Charlie Baker put former Independent Candidate for Governor Christy Mihos in his place this evening relative to the false information Christy, a multimillionaire from Yarmouth, continues to distribute regarding the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care “bailout.”  Mihos enjoys throwing facts around in a cavalier manner, and has said that Harvard once received a…

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Another VERY BAD day for former Independent candidate MIHOS.

Can things get much worse for Christy Mihos. The Boston Globe reports today that Charlie Baker is shattering records with his fundraising.  He now has a balance pushing two million dollars.  Christy’s has about three thousand bucks – it’s almost laughable – and people are increasingly worried that he just doesn’t have even the personal funds to run a campaign…

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