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Imagine if Scott Brown ran his campaign this crazy way. If they did, Martha would be senator.

I’m getting conflicting information from the MIHOS campaign.  In an eblast that I just got to, they write of their desire to correct serious mistakes in recent BOSTON GLOBE reporting. Therefore, it’s reasonable to presume that a correction letter is going to be perfectly correct.  Right? The letter writes that the press guy, whose name I can’t spell, submitted a…

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Mihos campaign manager writes that Communications Director is on board till Primary this September

In an eblast that my friend just forwarded to me, Mihos Campaign Manager Joe Manzoli writes that their former press flack will be leaving the campaign effective September of this year.  His letter, written to correct what the campaign says was a bad and incorrect story in the Boston Globe, says that Mihos presented a resignation letter from their campaign…

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Mihos scheduled for COURT HEARING at 2:00

Former indepedent candidate for governor Christy Mihos will appear (or his lawyers will) before a superior court judge in Brockton at 2:00, according to the clerk’s office.  As of 11:30am, no agreement between the two sides has been reported to the clerk. J.P. Noonan has filed for a motion to lien Mihos’ home (worth more than five million dollars) and…

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