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Why didnt we listen to Christy Mihos on the Big Dig?

Big Dig trooper death lawsuit settled for $9M BOSTON – The family of a Massachusetts state trooper who died when he fell off his motorcycle and was thrown into the handrails in a Big Dig tunnel has settled a lawsuit against the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and several contractors for $9 million. The suit was settled last week according to documents…

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Who Would You Vote For, For State Committee Chair?

(Bumped – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) So imagine your a state committee person and you had to vote for the MA State GOP Chair today… who would you vote for? Some quick choices below :

(feel free to add anyone you feel should be considered in the comments area) Sean Bielet

Jon Golnik

Sam Meas

Mary Z. Connaughton


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To my fellow Republicans Let Us Stand United!

As a proud Republican and supporter of Christy Mihos for Governor I am disappointed in the results.  I felt a primary would have been great for OUR Party and would have made it stronger.  That said the vast majority of convention delegates have spoken, Mihos lost and Baker won.  I will therefore enthusiastically support Charlie Baker for Governor.  Charlie is…

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Christy, have you paid everyone yet ?

The question must be asked if anyone is to consider you a serious candidate for nomination this weekend. With the convention looming on Saturday, have you paid your former staff members everything they are owed ? If so, have they been paid what you promised you would pay them ? There is a difference you know. When people go out…

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