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Massachusetts GOP: Do Not Despair

The Massachusetts GOP rejected the national Republican party platform last year. The National Conferences should have amended its plank on abortion a long time ago. This wise move must be repeated throughout the fifty states. The GOP “1%” has been dictating to the states and the local races too much. The Republican Party does not need a resurgence of ”Lincoln…

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Conservative Victories Worldwide

Australia, Norway, and Colorado are two countries and one state with as much alike as black and white, except that in the past week, the three locales witnessed conservative upset victories, all of which should embolden Republicans in the Westside (and throughout the United States) that limited government, classical liberal values can win, with the right campaign resources, the right…

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On surveillance, Sen. Hedlund gets the Richard Epstein treatment

Noted libertarian law professor Richard Epstein crafts a set of distinctions on what is permissible when it comes to questions surveillance brought about by the Boston Marathon bombing. In doing so he criticizes a recent proposal by State Senator Robert Hedlund related to the use of drones. According to Epstein such moves toward increased searches are not unreasonable. The Tsarnaev…

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Thoughts about my recent debate with Jon Golnik

Every time there is a debate, I learn more. Last night was no different. Hopefully, the voters will see the differences as well. This Nation needs more than another lawyer or Wall Street trained insider. I believe that I can be part of the solution which is why I asked questions dealing with vision, experience and leadership. Vision? Restore a…

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Not exactly news: Libertarians equate Obama and Bush

MSM discovers the obvious: Libertarians (small “l” and Party-faithful) think the obnoxiously statist Obama is just as bad as neo-conservatively inclined statist George W. Bush. The libertarian antipathy toward Bush was often overlooked by the Mainstream Media and few bothered to plumb the depths to identify how deleterious Bush was to economic (think Medicare Part D) and personal liberty…

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( – promoted by DD4RP) ATTENTION PATRIOTS: This Saturday, June 20th the Worcester Tea Party will be hosting a RALLY FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT from noon to 3 in Worcester’s Elm Park. Among the speakers scheduled for the Rally for Responsible Government are: ·Chip Faulkner, Assistant Director of the Citizens for Limited Taxation

·Todd Feinburg, Morning Co-Host on WRKO Radio


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