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‘Pro-Family & Constitution’: Write-in “Lively and Davis” for Governor + Lt.Governor

With all the other four candidates for Governor apparently opposing the Pro-Family public policy agenda of Traditional Marriage Standards and Pro-Life,… Please support and write-in the only Conservative candidates available for Governor and Lt. Governor: Write-in:  “Scott Lively and Keith Davis” . Lively is an attorney and pastor in Springfield. His ministry has a website: RedemptionGate.org, and a cool CoffeeHouse.…

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Best debate ever

This is sort of a test, I got a new computer and have had trouble finding my way back to RMG. Thanks Rob for responding to my email.

Thought this was an excellent debate, gave viewers a chance to see the candidates as I’ve been seeing them over time. Charlie was strong,  what I’ve been expecting since I first hoped…

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Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight’s Calculus on Baker v. Patrick v. Cahill

(I agree FiveThirtyEight is one of the best left leaning blogs.  I don’t always agree with their conclusions, but they usually make good arguments and provide actual empirical evidence to back up their claims.  Overall, Nate Silver does a good job. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) I have been following FiveThirtyEight for quite a while now. It’s a polling/statistics…

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