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Humble Leviathan, Before It’s Too Late

This last week has produced several stories that demonstrate the growing gap between the citizen and the state that theoretically serves us. While the six million bucks Democratic pollster Mark Penn received from the stimulus bill is hard to swallow, it’s just a symptom of a bigger problem. Most shook their heads when Vice President Biden declared that the stimulus…

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Patrick to Taxpayers: Show me the money, as he hints at Gas Tax increase.

Well that didn’t take long.  The same day he “reluctantly” signed $1,000,000,000 in new taxes, Deval Patrick “hinted” at raising the gas tax.  The Boston Globe has the story. Patrick, whose earlier proposal for a 19-cent-per-gallon increase in the gasoline tax was largely ignored by the Legislature, continued to make the case yesterday that the tax could be necessary to…

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Senate Approves Budget 33-6

Late last night the Senate passed a $27.35 billion budget that included a 25% increase in the state sales tax, entered Massachusetts into the Powerball lottery, eliminated the DC office, some reduction in prescription drug waste,  and increased exemptions under the Pacheco Law. The Senate rejected nearly every attempt at serious reforms including: a repeal of the Pacheco Law, a…

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