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Your Daily Good News – It’s Raining Again Edition

Independent candidate for governor Tim Cahill said on WBZ last night that he sees Christy Mihos meeting the requirements to make the ballot this fall. Cahill said he thinks the state Republican convention will be a “raucous event.”

WBZ 1030AM Anti-Casino lobbying is happening at the State House today.

Springfield Republican Daniel Winslow will face a 14 year Plainville selectman…

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Your Daily Good News – CPAC Hangover Edition

Former Arkansas governor and big government evangelist Mike Huckabee skipped the largest annual gathering of conservative activists because “CPAC has become increasingly libertarian and less Republican over the last years.” Ok.

Fox News “Narrowly, it revealed that Paul’s quixotic 2008 bid for president created a significant and growing movement of libertarian-minded teens and twentysomethings whose role in the conservative coalition…

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Your Daily Good News: National Buy A Car Day Edition

Former Coakley campaign staffer Corey Welford lands $80,000 job with Attorney General’s office. His new position is “senior adviser” to Coakley.

Lowell Sun Norton may take the unprecedented step and levy taxes on colleges and universities. Wheaton College, the only higher education facility in Norton, may have to pay upwards of $760,000 in taxes.

Sun Chronicle Federal officials are working…

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Your Daily Good News – Stewart vs O’Reilly

National stories rarely appear in Your Daily Good News but the 40+ minute Jon Stewart appearance on The O’Reilly Factor is noteworthy enough to find a place on this list. Drink everytime O’Reilly says “folks” or “pinhead.”

Fox News Channel Five contacted 54 state legislators about their tax returns and the travel deduction. Only nine responded. Two admitted that they…

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