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United States Vs. Lawrence Novak

Jury Trial starts Monday at 9:00am Even the Illinois Legislature got rid of Blagojevich. Will we finally get rid of our Dianne Wilkerson? (of course Dianne only took $25,000 and didn’t walk into a bank with $100,000 in aledged drug procedes, to aledgedly “cleanse” it) Bottom of second page Gee, I guess Mike Sullivan hasn’t been fired quick enough.…

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We Need to Keep U.S. Attorney Mike Sullivan

Can anyone think of a scarier scenario than AG Eric Holder replacing Mike Sullivan with a left leaning U.S. Attorney?   That would mean that in a state with all Democrat officials – our new watchdog for corruption will be an insider. So in the middle of Mike Sullivan revealing the corruption among the rank and file pols – there…

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