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Senate campaigns

My analysis on the senate campaigns On the Republican side:

    One candidate sent me a robocall that glitched and repeated 5 1/2 times until my answering machine hung up.

    I haven’t heard from one candidate, but someone I respect on FB talks positive about him a lot.

    The third candidate went to an event…

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A Thought Experiment before the Primary

Republicans, it’s time to talk. We have a primary election coming up on Tuesday. Once again our activists seem to be beating the crap out of each other and the candidates. People who should know better are acting in deplorable, passive-aggressive ways as the circular firing squad continues. Many of these arguments come back to positioning on issues and how…

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Mike Sullivan: Most Electable

Here in Massachusetts many Republican voters care about only one thing:  Who can win?  In the special election for US Senate the answer to that question is obvious.  It is Mike Sullivan. Many people like to throw out their own hypothetical hypotheses concerning electability, but only one thing actually proves electabilty:  Winning elections.  Michael Sullivan has done exactly that.…

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Michael Sullivan Endorsed by MARA members, many Sheriffs

The Springfield Republican brings the news: Former U.S. Attorney and GOP Senate hopeful Michael Sullivan’s campaign announced Wednesday that a three Bay State sheriffs and two members of the conservative Massachusetts Republican Assembly have endorsed his candidacy. On the law enforcement side, Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald, Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins and Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson all…

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Vote for Mike Sullivan, The only true Republican

OK, I’ve kept my mouth shut for long enough. Gomez is toast with his letter to Deval and the backing of Obama supporter “Pink” Floyd Weld R-NY, he is such a liberal Republican he should just become a Democrat. Winslow has given tons of money to far left Democratic candidates like Sonia Chang-Diaz, Travaglini and others. It’s right there in…

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Dan Winslow Should Withdraw and Endorse Michael Sullivan to Prevent Gabriel Gomez

Dan Winslow has gone up with a website at gomezletterDOTcom to give attention to Gabriel Gomez’s letter to Governor Cadillac Deval Patrick begging for the Senate appointment after John Kerry resigned. As we all know, Gabriel Gomez said that he “supported President Obama” and that he “supports the positions of President Obama.” Is that what we’re working for? This week’s…

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