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Gosule: Governor Patrick is not going to sign Melissa’s bill but send it back with Amendment

Les Gosule just announced on WCRN AM 830’s DaTechGuy Radio Program, that Governor Patrick will not sign Melissa’s bill, but send it back with amendment.  The amendment will allow judges to “use discretion” with parole for third time offenders.  Virtually gutting the main provision of the bill. Gosule was in studio as a guest of the earlier show “Conservatively…

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Ask the Governor these 8 questions

Ask Deval Patrick
Today 7/26/2012 9AM – 10AM
617-822-1969 – start calling at 8:55 Tomorrow morning Governor Deval Patrick will be joining WTKK's Jim and Margery for their monthly "Ask the Governor" segment.  The segment runs from 9 AM – 10 AM in the morning.  The call in nubmer is 617-822-1969.  Here are a few questions that the Governor should answer.…

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Governor Patrick – Yes We Can! put MA residents as risk

(Start those calls – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Our esteemed Governor announced this morning that after conducting Pubic Forums on the federal Secure Communities program, he has decided we want out. Hmmmm – how many of these forums (before you cancelled half of them) did you attend, Sir? This dangerous, illogical, strategic, politically-calculated-to-drive-support-to-Obama decision brings to mind those…

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What we have here is a failure to communicate

Discussing the recent Fidelity flap this week during his semi-regular WTTK appearance, Governor Patrick commented, “This is a plan they had been executing on for a while … As a business person, I get that.”  The seemingly innocuous remark is actually quite significant, and useful to an understanding of how we came to the point where every time our Governor…

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Patrick to union bosses: “We stand behind you! (while you fight for us)”

In a closed-door speech to the Commonwealth’s predominant labor groups this week, Governor Patrick took umbrage at recent events in Wisconsin.  From the State House News (by way of the Eagle Trib):

In a speech that at times took on an overtly political tone, Patrick said the national debate over collective bargaining rights was more about politics than cost-cutting.…

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