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Election News From OUT OF TOWN!

Yes, yes.  I already know.  All political news here on RMG must take place between New Hampshire and Connecticut exclusively or I will face the wrath of my fellow Massachusetts Republicans.  None the less, I will bravely ford the river Styx and discuss the important elections today in gasp other states. In Pensylvania former RINO and current Democrat Arlen “Benedict”…

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Earl Henry Sholley: “Good Riddance to Specter”

Here are some quotes from an op-ed by Earl Henry Sholley of Norfolk, recent & future candidate for Congress to face Rep. Barney Frank here in the 4th Congressional district.  The op-ed appeared in today’s edition of the Standard-Times. I’m glad to see the local paper giving considerable ink & page space to one of our candidates.  Whether or not…

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