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The Next Right Launches

The Next Right a collaborative blog much like RMG has launched nationally. It is the project of young conservatives who want to reinvigorate our party.  I invite you to take a look. One of the first posts rehashes the discussion the Angelic One and I have been having about “communitarian” vs. “libertarian” conservatism. You can see that post here.

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A Plug: Introducing “Bottom Line Radio” with Stephanie Davis

Republican activist and former candidate for Republican State Committee Chairman Stephanie Margo Davis has a new talkshow on blogtalkradio.com named Bottom Line Radio. Stephanie summarizes the dominant themes for her program along the following lines: Constitutional self-government and personal responsibility as they apply (or not) to the political and public policy arenas!) Stephanie covers more than just politics. She’s done…

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The “Next Right” Has Arrived!

Conservative activists Patrick Ruffini, Joh Henke, & Soren Dayton have recently joined forces to launch a new conservative web site called The NextRight. Its purpose? Here's the editors' pitch: The Next Right is the place for wired activists to build a new Republican Party and conservative movement. As a community-driven grassroots action website for the right, we'll feature in-depth political analysis,…

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